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The Leisurescapes Archive collects critical reflections on global landscapes of leisure and tourism. It complements the historiographical investigations pursued by the ongoing Cyprus-based research projects at the Mesarch Lab, (University of Cyprus) and by the work of the international collaborative Leisurescapes Project, both of which highlight the socio-economic, geopolitical and environmental impact of tourism and leisure across temporal and geographical contexts. Emerging from these research projects, the Leisurescapes Archive has an anomic character and is envisioned as a kind of ‘digital scrap book’ that brings together short textual and visual narratives accompanied by various items such as clippings, pictures, website links all in relation to spaces of leisure and tourism, in Cyprus and internationally. By hosting commentaries from various contributors, this anomic archive is also a platform for creative contemplation/discussion on the histories, legacies and futures of landscapes of tourism and leisure.


Posts included in the Leisurescapes Archive are organized under the following categories:


Readings comments on texts, books, papers or other media, such as photographs, films and videos, that offer glimpses into theoretical discourses or case-studies on tourism/leisure

Histories short, evidence-based descriptions focusing on the design, construction and use of landscapes of tourism/leisure on multiple scales

Futures accounts of designs, installations, exhibitions and other forms of creative engagements that contemplate the present and futures of tourism and leisure


Field Notes notes from field or site-visits, and other forms of embodied encounters with physical spaces of tourism and leisure

Website administrator and design: Michalis Psaras

Leisurescapes Archive editors: Panayiota Pyla, Petros Phokaides


Hosted by: Mesarch Lab, University of Cyprus

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